GP Management Plans

At Bellbowrie Family Practice, we recognize that some health conditions are complex and may require treatment by a number of health professionals. As part of our approach to the treatment and management of chronic disease, we offer GP care plans to coordinate the care you need.

What is a GP Management Plan?

A GP Management Plan (GPMP) provides an organised, structured approach to the management of chronic disease. Your doctor works with you on an agreed approach to your treatment.

Your GP Management Plan:

  • Identifies your health and care needs
  • Sets in place a plan for services that we will provide
  • Identifies actions that you can take to help manage your condition

A GPMP is suitable for people with a chronic or terminal condition who require structured support from multiple health professionals. Your doctor will determine if this type of plan is the appropriate approach to your treatment.

What is a Team Care Arrangement?

A Team Care Arrangement (TCA) is suitable for people with chronic conditions who also have complex care needs. With a TCA in place, your doctor will collaborate with two or more other health or care providers to effectively manage your condition.

Facts to Remember

Some things to keep in mind when working with your doctor on a care plan include:

  • You may be eligible for both a GPMP and a TCA, depending on your condition. Your doctor will determine if this is the best approach for you.
  • You must provide your agreement before you undertake one of these plans
  • You should regularly review your care plan with your doctor to ensure that you are meeting your targets
  • Your doctor will offer you a copy of your plan
  • Our practice nurses can provide support in between visits to your doctor
  • You may be eligible for some Medicare rebates on Allied Health services

At Bellbowrie Family Practice, we are able to provide care for chronic and complex conditions. If you would like to know more about our management plans, please call our friendly team on 07 3202 5360. You can also make an appointment using our online booking service.