Driving Licence Check-Ups

If you are aged 75 or over and still driving, there are legal requirements you must meet to keep your licence. At Bellbowrie Family Practice, we are able to provide driving licence check-ups and guide you through the process.

Government Regulations for Drivers Over 75

The Queensland government requires you to:

  • Have an annual medical check to ensure that it is still safe for you to drive
  • Carry your Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver form with you at all times
  • Comply with any conditions it states – for example, you might be restricted to daylight driving
  • Pass a medical fitness test for commercial vehicle drivers if you hold a commercial vehicle licence and wish to keep it. This check-up is more rigorous than a check-up for a car licence because of the greater safety risks associated with driving a heavy vehicle.
  • Show your Medical Certificate to a police officer if requested
  • Notify the government of any changes to medical conditions that are likely to affect your ability to drive safely

How Does Age Affect Your Driving?

As we age, changes in our vision, movement and information processing ability mean that we may not be as alert or mobile as when we were younger. Our reaction times slow down and we may find it harder to see and respond to hazards. Driving can become more stressful as we find that we are less able to deal with heavy traffic, unfamiliar routes, or unexpected situations.

At Bellbowrie Family Practice, our role is to assess your driving capability and guide you through the legal requirements. We understand that you want to maintain your independence, and our aim is to help you stay mobile as long as possible.

If you would like to know more about driving licence check-ups for drivers over the age of 75, please call us on 07 3202 5360. You can also make an appointment using our online booking service