Chronic Disease Management

At Bellbowrie Family Practice we coordinate and manage treatment for chronic diseases. Our role as GPs is to ensure that your health needs are met across a range of healthcare professionals and providers.

What is a Chronic Disease?

A chronic disease is an illness that:

  • Is ongoing for six months or more
  • Requires a planned or structured approach to treatment
  • May require treatment from multiple health professionals
  • May result in complex care needs
  • May require a team of carers with different specialties
  • Includes (but is not limited to) asthma, cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, cardiovascular disease and diabetes

How Do we Manage Chronic Disease?

When you visit us at Bellbowrie Family Practice with a health condition we will:

  • Determine if you have a chronic or terminal health condition (meaning that it has lasted for six months or longer and is unlikely to improve)
  • Decide if you are eligible for a Medicare-funded GP Management Plan (GPMP) to coordinate your health care
  • Decide if you also require a Team Care Arrangement (suitable for people with a chronic health condition who also require complex care)
  • Arrange and coordinate your treatment and care with other health professionals
  • Provide you with a written agreement of the services to be implemented as part of the plan
  • Ask you to participate in your health care by meeting agreed goals
  • Review your condition regularly, note any changes and set a date for the next review

At Bellbowrie Family Practice, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best care for your chronic condition. If you would like to know more about our services for managing chronic disease, please call our friendly team on 07 3202 5360. You can also make an appointment using our online booking service.